They say dogs can't dance . . . but nothing will stop Lulu!

Lulu is a happy little pug who lives in New York City with her family, Belle and Doug. They spend their time exploring the bustling city and going on adventures together. When Belle and Doug attend dance classes, Lulu sees them waltzing and tries to join in on the fun, but she trips over her own feet and falls. Lulu is embarrassed but determined.

Lulu wants to waltz more than anything. Will she be able to concentrate on practicing or will she get distracted and not learn the proper techniques? Can dogs learn to dance?

Lulu the Unstoppable Dancing Dogs is a fun and lighthearted children's book with a subtle but powerful underlying message that practice makes perfect and that with hard work and determination you can do anything you set your mind to.

October 26, 2021  |  40 pages
(Read from Nov 24, 2021 to Nov 24, 2021)
Grade: A–    (switch to numeric scale)
L/E Ratio: 70% Entertainment, 30% Literature
Writing Quality:
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Lulu the Unstoppable Dancing Dog is a fun and inspiring story about sticking with it and reaching for your goals.  Lulu is a fun and lovable character. Even though she is a dog, she faces the same trials in learning a new skill as everyone else.  Lulu's determination and passion for learning how to dance shines through.  However, Lulu's story turns out to be extremely relatable as she forgoes practice in favor of pizza.  With amazing illustrations, Lulu seems to dance off the page.