Bestselling children's picture book, from award-winning author-illustrator Guido Van Genechten! Perfect for Halloween storytime or any other time!

"A little ghost unapologetically makes the most of being different....Different never looked so appealing. " - Kirkus Reviews

"A sweet story about outsider friendship that is just slightly scary in places.... it's hard not to be charmed by van Genechten's smiley, rosy-cheeked ghosts, who could give Casper a run for his money in the cuteness department" - Publisher's Weekly

Gilbert goes to ghost school like all the other ghosts, but he's a special ghost: he doesn't like to screech in a scary way, he doesn't want to haunt and was always polite. What will happen to Gilbert when he's sent by the principal of school to the Abandoned Tower?

A warmhearted picture book by bestselling author-illustrator Guido Van Genechten about a different, special ghost. For quiet, and not so quiet, children ages 4 and up.

March 1, 2015  |  32 pages
(Read from Jul 21, 2021 to Jul 21, 2021)
Grade: B+    (switch to numeric scale)
L/E Ratio: 50% Literature, 50% Entertainment
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I fell in love with the cute cover, and the book turned out to be just as cute. Gilbert is a pink ghost who doesn’t like to yell ‘bhooo!’ and scare people. When he’s sent to the Abandoned Tower, he meets a little black cat and transforms the tower into a cozy and loving home. Now, I have a special love for cute ghosts, and Gilbert is a sweetie pie. If you are looking for a scary story for kids, this isn’t one. It’s warm and cuddly. The illustrations are simple yet lively.