From bestselling author Natalie D. Richards comes a pulse-pounding new thriller about a blizzardy road trip that turns into a disaster.

She never should've accepted that ride…

Mira needs to get home for the holidays. Badly. But when an incoming blizzard results in a canceled layover, it looks like Mira might get stuck at the Philadelphia airport indefinitely. Until Harper, Mira's glamorous seatmate from her initial flight, comes to the rescue. Harper and her three friends are renting a car to get home and can drop Mira off on the way.

But as the drive progresses, the weather conditions quickly turn perilous. And Mira realizes the four other passengers she's stuck with don't actually know one another—they're all strangers.

As one by one, they start to turn on each other, Mira wonders: Is one of the other passengers intentionally sabotaging this trip? And, if so, is it possible to stop them before this claustrophobic, anxiety-inducing ride becomes fatal?
October 6, 2020  |  320 pages
(Read from Feb 14, 2021 to Feb 15, 2021)
Grade: C    (switch to numeric scale)
L/E Ratio: 50% Literature, 50% Entertainment
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This felt like one bad decision after another...making each one feel less believable as the story progressed. But it still might work for someone on the young side of YA. I feel like I’m not the target audience...despite all the characters being over the age of 18 because this plays out in a way that feels overly juvenile. The snowstorm ride through the Mountains was pretty intense, though. Moral of the story: listen to your Mother!   (+1 vote)