As Rome reels under barbarian assaults, a young girl must step up…

After the Emperor’s unexpected death, ambitious men eye the Eastern Roman throne occupied by seven-year-old Theodosius II. His older sister Princess Pulcheria faces a stark choice: she must find allies and take control of the Eastern court or doom the imperial children to a life of obscurity—or worse! Beloved by the people and respected by the Church, Pulcheria forges her own path to power. Can her piety and steely will protect her brother from military assassins, heretic bishops, scheming eunuchs and—most insidious of all—a beautiful, intelligent bride? Or will she lose all in the trying?

Dawn Empress tells Pulcheria’s little-known and remarkable story. Her accomplishments rival those of Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great as she sets the stage for the dawn of the Byzantine Empire.
May 24, 2020
(Read from Jul 14, 2020 to Jul 21, 2020)
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Covering 50 years of history, Dawn Empress is the second book in The Theodosian Women series. Pulcheria is yet another strong woman and a force to be reckoned with. She honed her power in interesting ways: always sensing others motives and being one step ahead, and a manipulative decisiveness paired with a caring nature. The writing pulled me into 5th Century Rome with well researched descriptions of the dress, food, palace and churches. I enjoyed reading about the many true events