"Do not call a devil, for he might appear."

Two determined bowhunters, lured by what they believed was a magnificent trophy book elk, searched a remote and forgotten corner of the Canadian Rocky Mountains only to discover an ancient demonic entity hidden away from the civilized world . . . until now.

The region, it was considered by the First Nations People to be sacred and forbidden due to its dark and secret history. The locals, most had always respected this, but the obsession, the delusion of harvesting a trophy animal makes some men cross boundaries.

Join the two hunters on their unique adventure and witness the horrifying evil that is awakened to bestow humanity a glimpse into its accursed future.

Their world, the earth . . . nothing would ever be the same again.
April 17, 2019  |  225 pages
(Read from Jun 16, 2020 to Jun 18, 2020)
Grade: A    (switch to numeric scale)
L/E Ratio: 70% Entertainment, 30% Literature
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Skudakumooch, the ghost witch.  The title alone was enough to pull me in.  I loved that this is based on Native American folklore and it led me to look into more Native stories of the Skudakumooch.  The writing is a slow burn of suspense building as the two men travel into the woods.  As the Skudakumooch appeared in different ways, it wasn't always apparent what the Skudakumooch wanted from them.  The descriptions of the Tochquinlan Range, the hoodoos and the creepy cave added to the feeling.