Love, courage, and commitment take center stage as the Carsons, a family of time travelers, continue their saga in the great American West. For the Carson children, ages 19 to 29, an unplanned stop in 1962 is a chance to grow. Adam, Greg, and Natalie begin lives with new spouses in Boulder, Colorado, while twins Cody and Caitlin get their first taste of college. All plan to resume the search for their missing parents as soon as they can. For Tim and Caroline Carson, a planned stop in the rendezvous year of 1972 is a nightmare. While reading about their children's lives in 1962, they learn that one has crossed paths with a killer. Faced with limited options, they race back to the past to reroute history and prevent a series of murders. In CAITLIN'S SONG, the fourth novel in the Carson Chronicles series, members of a modern family find romance, adventure, and terror as they seek answers and each other in four memorable eras of American history
May 2, 2019  |  530 pages
(Read from Aug 2, 2019 to Aug 6, 2019)
Grade: A    (switch to numeric scale)
L/E Ratio: 60% Entertainment, 40% Literature
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Caitlin's Song is the fourth book in the Carson Chronicles series. I would very much advise reading this series in its intended order to keep the timelines straight and really get to know the characters. I'm glad that Caitlin finally had a happy story, although it easily could have turned out differently. In each of the Carson's adventures, there has always been a very good sense of the time period the family is in and this is no exception.