When her best friend Sophie goes missing, 12-year-old Ruby Tabeata has a choice: wait for her friend to come home or defy her parents and find Sophie.

Set during the 1950s Blacklist era when writers like Sophie's mom were being jailed or fired, Fool's Errand sends Ruby out of her city and her comfort zone.
With nothing to rely on but her grit and determination, Ruby has to outsmart the men chasing Sophie and her mom—discovering that whether or not you succeed, trying to save a friend is never a fool's errand.

Read part one of this middle-grade Beat Street Series, The Beat on Ruby's Street, to learn how Ruby's story begins. 
November 21, 2018  |  220 pages
(Read from Jul 16, 2019 to Jul 18, 2019)
Grade: A–    (switch to numeric scale)
L/E Ratio: 70% Entertainment, 30% Literature
Writing Quality:
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Movie Potential:
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Sequel Potential:
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An exciting and dangerous middle grade adventure in the 1950's. Fool's Errand picks up soon after book 1, The Beat of Ruby's Street leaves off and I would highly encourage reading that first in order to get to Ruby. Through Ruby, I learned a little more about America's hidden history of the House Un-American Activities Committee and the Hollywood Blacklist that Sophie's mom was placed on. Ruby's adventure was also a coming-of-age journey for her where she expanded out of the Beat society