An ancient and malevolent female immortal is rising in Manhattan to reclaim her son, the archangel Raphael. Only one thing stands in her way: Elena Deveraux, a vampire-hunter-and Raphael's lover.

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January 25, 2011  |  337 pages
(Read from Oct 9, 2018 to Oct 11, 2018)
Grade: B–    (switch to numeric scale)
L/E Ratio: 80% Entertainment, 20% Literature
Writing Quality:
Low High
Low High

Low High
Movie Potential:
Low High

Low High
Sequel Potential:
Low High
I keep finding reasons to continue reading this series…even though I'm on the fence about whether I like it or not, and want to continue it. I'm not saying it's bad…it’s actually well written, with steamy sex scenes and a decent paranormal storyline, but for me personally, I'm just not that into it. I wonder if my apathetic feelings towards this series as a whole are because of the narration…she seems to imbue this particular series with this sexy, breathy voice that I'm not sure I like.  (+1 vote)