C. L. Polk arrives on the scene with Witchmark, a stunning, addictive fantasy that combines intrigue, magic, betrayal, and romance.

One of Publishers Weekly's Most Anticipated Books of Spring 2018!

In an original world reminiscent of Edwardian England in the shadow of a World War, cabals of noble families use their unique magical gifts to control the fates of nations, while one young man seeks only to live a life of his own.

Magic marked Miles Singer for suffering the day he was born, doomed either to be enslaved to his family's interest or to be committed to a witches' asylum. He went to war to escape his destiny and came home a different man, but he couldn’t leave his past behind. The war between Aeland and Laneer leaves men changed, strangers to their friends and family, but even after faking his own death and reinventing himself as a doctor at a cash-strapped veterans' hospital, Miles can’t hide what he truly is.

When a fatally poisoned patient exposes Miles’ healing gift and his witchmark, he must put his anonymity and freedom at risk to investigate his patient’s murder. To find the truth he’ll need to rely on the family he despises, and on the kindness of the most gorgeous man he’s ever seen.

June 19, 2018  |  272 pages
(Read from Sep 26, 2018 to Sep 27, 2018)
Grade: A    (switch to numeric scale)
L/E Ratio: 60% Entertainment, 40% Literature
Writing Quality:
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Sequel Potential:
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Witchmark is a good mystery where you're able to see clues as they come in & anticipate characters fitting it all together, while still leaving room for final act twists. It's also a well-realized fantasy with a fascinating mix of familiar-but-uncanny tech, magic, & politics. But most of all, this is a book about a deeply empathetic, deeply stubborn, deeply gay protagonist finding an unconquerable core of strength within him & blowing the corrupt system that tried to break him to SMITHEREENS. A!  (+1 vote)