Nathaniel Fleming, veteran of Waterloo, falls in love with his Major's spinster sister, Harriet. But Nathaniel is not what he seems, and before the wedding, the truth will out...

Eleanor Charlotte Fleming, forgotten daughter of a minor baronet, stakes her life on a deception and makes her name—if not her fortune—on the battlefield.

Her war at an end, she returns to England as Captain Nathaniel Fleming and wants nothing more than peace, quiet, and the company of horses. Instead, Captain Fleming meets Harriet. Harriet has averted the calamity of matrimony for a decade, cares little for the cut of her gowns, and is really rather clever. Falling in love is not a turn of the cards either of them expected.

Harriet accepts Captain Fleming, but will she accept Eleanor? Along the way, there are ballrooms, stillrooms, mollyhouses, society intrigue, and sundering circumstance.
March 15, 2018  |  242 pages
(Read from Apr 24, 2018 to Apr 26, 2018)
Grade: B    (switch to numeric scale)
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An amazing concept that was executed with painstaking attention to detail & a great deal of heart. Our captain ran off at 19 to join the regiment & is finally home from the Napoleonic wars. At loose (and PTSD-tinged) ends, she ends up at the house of her best friend & major, & quickly starts to fall for his sister. Gradually, you find things out about each woman, their internal (& external) battles, & each revelation makes their happy ending more fraught & more earned. Abrupt conclusion though!  (+1 vote)