Could a werewolf be loose in Chicago? Common sense says no. The grisly evidence says yes. So does Harry Dresden. And with his weird connections, he should know.
January 1, 2001  |  369 pages
(Rated on Apr 25, 2015)
Grade: C    (switch to numeric scale)
L/E Ratio: 50% Literature, 50% Entertainment
Writing Quality:
Low High
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Low High
Movie Potential:
Low High

Low High
Sequel Potential:
Low High
A nice enough book but not one I couldn't put down. Harry is in trouble, gets beaten up a lot, keeps secrets, gets knocked out, gets in life-threatening situations, narrowly escapes said situations, has a conversation with his subconscious self and helps save (kind of) the day. I really liked that he is not the imbalanced super hero that can do anything and be anything without repercussions or limits. He sure has his limits and he stretches them with unpleasant consequences to his health. T