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September 14, 2024  /  160 pages  (is this book fiction or nonfiction?)

For centuries we have been fascinated with fairies, mythical beings often possessing intriguing magical powers to curse, trick or heal humans. The label of 'fairy' has at times applied only to specific magical creatures with human appearance, magical powers, and a penchant for trickery. At other times it has been used to describe any magical creature, such as goblins and gnomes. In Fairies, discover the charming story behind our best loved magical characters, including the Fairy Godmother, Shakespeare’s Titania and the beloved Tinker Bell. Myths and stories about fairies do not have a single origin, but are rather a collection of folk beliefs from disparate sources. Various folk theories about the origins of fairies include casting them as either demoted angels or demons in a Christian tradition, as deities in Pagan belief systems, as spirits of the dead, as prehistoric precursors to humans, or as spirits of nature. Fairies is a pocketful of delight, packed with beautiful images and full of fascinating tales.

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