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Unintended Cultivator: Volume One
December 15, 2023  /  428 pages  /  Fiction
He never intended to be a cultivator. The heavens have another plan...

Sen never dreamed of ascension. Such were the aspirations of the rich young nobles, not orphans like him, scraping together a meager living on the streets of Orchard's Reach.

However, when destiny takes an unexpected turn, Sen finds himself thrust into the role of a cultivator's disciple. Chosen over the nobles who once looked down on him, he is adopted into a makeshift family of three ancient cultivators, each with a lifetime of knowledge and insights. These old monsters will teach Sen everything they can, from the art of the jian and spear to the mysteries of arcane alchemy.

Yet, on the path to defying the heavens, Sen will have to make difficult choices. He needs to decide what kind of person he wants to be, and what mark he wants to leave on the world. Because when his training ends, he will have the power to shake the world. He will also have formidable enemies who will do anything to put him back in his place...

For those who like a bit of slice-of-life with their coming-of-age cultivation tales, this is a can't-miss read. Over 3,000,000 views on Royal Road. Click 'Buy Now' to start the journey.

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