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Murder in Portofino
August 1, 2024  /  244 pages  (is this book fiction or nonfiction?)
Preorder the BRAND NEW instalment in the gripping Armstrong and Oscar cozy mystery series

A much-needed holiday...

Dan Armstrong hasn’t done much retiring since moving to Tuscany, and with his new career as a successful private investigator taking off, it seems murder seems to follow him. He’s hoping a much-needed trip to beautiful Portofino will give him the break he needs and quality time with girlfriend Anna.

A gathering of celebrities...

Portofino is a celebrity paradise, and holidaying on a nearby superyacht is a group of British media stars, all famous for being infamous. Dan isn't impressed by their status or wealth, but when he overhears an argument between two of the group, he suspects something fishy could be going on...

A cold-blooded killer?

And then a body is washed up on shore and Dan’s hopes for a holiday go overboard. Could this simply be a tragic accident or is there a killer amidst the assembled celebrity cast? Dan and Oscar have their work cut out before the tide turns...

It's another gripping case for Dan and Oscar - it's murder in paradise!

Praise for T A Williams

"T A Williams whisked me away to the beautiful Italian riviera in the company of an ex-pat private investigator and his gorgeous doggy sidekick on the case of a missing teacher. What a team, and what an adventure!! Bestselling author Kate Wells

"The perfect combination of character, setting and plot, heralding an addictive new cozy mystery series!" Bestselling author Debbie Young

"Watching unassuming detective Dan Armstrong wheedle the truth out of folks is great fun. Highly Entertaining read!" Bestselling author Kelly Oliver

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