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The Last Dragoners of Bowbazar
June 1, 2023  /  120 pages  (is this book fiction or nonfiction?)
Ru is a boy from nowhere. Though he lives somewhere--the city of Calcutta--his classmates in school remind him he doesn't look like them, and must come from somewhere else. When Ru asks his parents, they tell him they are descended from nomads. But even nomads must come from somewhere. The question, forever on the mind of the boy from nowhere, is where. Ru dreams things that wouldn't seem out of place in the fantasy novels his father read to him when young. Fragments of a culture that doesn't exist in this world, but might in another, where sky and sea are one, and humans sail this eternal ocean on the backs of divine beasts. Ru dreams of dragons, of serpents impossible. Perhaps Ru remembers dragons. Alone in a city that's home but doesn't feel like it, Ru befriends Alice, his neighbor from the nearby Chinatown. As they grow with their friendship, Ru finds that Calcutta may yet be a home for him. But with his best friend starting to realize that Ru's house and family hide a myriad of secrets, the question haunts him still--where is his family from? Are they truly from nowhere, migrants to this reality? And if so, what strange wings brought them across the vast reaches of impossibility to here--and what is their purpose?
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