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Matchmaking & Mixtapes
September 14, 2023  /  145 pages  /  Fiction
How Evie sees her life as she approaches her thirty-fifth birthday: pretty close to perfect.

How Evie's mom sees her life: doomed for spinsterhood and in need of matchmaking at every turn.

Between her three lifelong best friends, a good job, and a beautiful home, Evie has nearly everything she needs. She's in no hurry to find love...until her first (and unrequited) love, Wesley, unexpectedly returns to town for the birthday party Evie's mom is throwing, and stirs up all kinds of long-buried feelings.

As the boy next door, Wes was one of Evie's closest childhood friends. Somewhere between playing out scenes from their favorite movie and listening to Wesley's endless mixtapes, Evie fell in love. As the old friends catch up after years apart, Evie realizes she never fell out of love with Wesley, and begins to wonder if her feelings for him might not be as one-sided as she always assumed.

While her mom attempts to find Evie's perfect match, Evie can't help thinking she's already found him. Too bad he's only in town for a week...
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