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God Attacks!
December 20, 2012  /  310 pages  (is this book fiction or nonfiction?)
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God is not dead; it has merely slept. It stirs from its enforced slumber and its dreams of annihilating that which created it in its own image, that which drove it mad-a blinded mankind.

Two ancient secret societies guard the secret of God. One of these occult orders wishes to enslave and control the abominable thought form that is God. The other wishes to destroy it and to free humanity from the fetters of beliefs capable of creating such monsters of unholy destruction. Their directive: What Man has created, Man must destroy.

Caught in the midst of these turbulent cosmic forces is the sleeper incarnation of Kirt Tucker, a neurotic, semi-suicidal used-car salesman, and his companions: Roland, the country club golf pro, and Celia, the talented psychic. Join them on a non-stop, page-turning race to stay alive in the face of a psychotic deity and its God-awful minions.

God Attacks! Is the first of two volumes of a tale where the world is turned upside down; where good and evil, and the shades of gray in between, blur in a belief bending thrill-ride of a read.

Paranormal fantasy thriller; Supernatural horror; Occult fiction.
For mature audience.
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