June 29, 2021  |  312 pages
A timeshift mystery that will grip you from the first page to the last! Perfect for fans of Sarah Burton, Stacey Halls, Jessie Burton and Kate Mosse. Every family has their secrets… Windsor, England, 2019 Amelia Prentice is recovering from the worst two years of her life. First her daughter and then her parents have died, leaving her without any surviving relatives. As she contemplates placing the family home, a vast Victorian house in Windsor, on the market, she fulfils her mother’s last request to clear out the attic, where she discovers a strange box of Victorian photographs. The photographs are of a large estate in Pembrokeshire called Cliffside, and they feature the Attwater family. When Amelia uncovers the diaries of Osyth Attwater, she realises the family had tragedies of their own… Pembrokeshire, Wales, 1883 Every summer the Attwater family gather at Cliffside to tell each other stories. The youngest in the house is Osyth, a dreamer and writer who waits eagerly every year for the wind chime in the garden to signal the arrival of her relatives. But her happiness is shattered when she overhears a conversation that tears her world apart. Raised by her grandparents, she believed her mother, Eudora, had died. It seems this may not be the case. Desperate to find out the truth, Osyth decides to unravel her family’s secrets. What she discovers will shock her to her core… What did Amelia’s mother want her to find out about the Attwater family? Who is Eudora, and what really happened to her? And how is Amelia connected to it all…? THE WIND CHIME is an enthralling timeshift novel set between the Victorian era and the modern day: past and present entwine to create a thrilling page-turning historical mystery. ‘Silver chimes and coral shells haunting past and present in this beautifully written novel containing echoes of Welsh fairy lore along with Victorian asylums, and a travelling circus. It's gripping with unforgettable characters. Carol McGrath, author of The She-Wolves Trilogy.
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