Much more than a simple detective story, this is a complex portrayal of a good man who is pushed to extraordinary limits.

A mysterious case of identity switching turns deadly when struggling private investigator, John Targett, becomes involved. As John seeks to unravel one mystery, he is also forced to deal with an escalating menace when he becomes the target of a vicious gang whose path he has crossed. As the twin plots intertwine and the threats escalate, John is forced to take extreme measures to protect his daughter and fight for his own life. Plagued by his own demons and trying to raise his daughter alone, this is a beautifully crafted story of the lengths to which one man will go to protect those he loves. At times tender, filled with sparkling wit and peppered with edge-of-your-seat action, this is a multi-facetted mystery that will satisfy on many levels.


"An incredible thriller with the perfect twist! I adored this book. John Targett is my newest character crush! Someone Else's Life delivers on every front. It's delightful, witty, dangerous, and thought-provoking. The danger level is high throughout the novel, constantly raising the stakes and potentially making the reader breathless as events unfold. It's thrilling, and absolutely ends on the best possible note." Kat Cohen, Reviewer.

"Wow - this book is so much FUN! Great characters and a high-octane story that rips along until the twist you won't see coming on the last page. John Targett is an impressive new hero - tough and yet tender; highly skilled and often very funny. His laugh-out-loud interactions with his teenage daughter were one of my highlights." Darren Box, Amazon Review.

"A fast-paced easy read. Action packed with lots of twists and interesting characters, and clever humour. First time I've finished a book in a week. Couldn't put it down!" Rob McKeown, Amazon Review.

July 18, 2020  |  278 pages
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