August 31, 2014  |  442 pages
Windows MFC Programming III is the second of two intermediate Windows MFC Microsoft Foundation Class programming textbook, replacing my now out-of-print Intermediate MFC. The book assumes that the reader is skilled in basic Windows MFC programming and proceeds to cover many more advanced topics, especially printing and complex document view handling. Database access is presented as well as many other more advanced topics and controls, such as the list and tree views. Designed for a college level course or for the experienced self-taught, Windows MFC Programming III covers many advanced Windows MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) C++ Programming topics. It is designed to provide you with the skills needed for an entry level career in Windows MFC programming. Just check out the table of contents to see what I mean. Windows MFC Programming III assumes that the reader already knows basic MFC programming, covered in the previous books, Windows MFC Programming I and II. An in depth presentation of control bars, dialog bars and tool bars is done. Complex document view handling is shown. How to create and work with enhanced metafiles is covered, along with methods of printing. The scaling and creation of fancy graphs are covered. The Internet accessing classes are presented along with a primitive ftp browser. Many fancy controls are illustrated along with property pages. From this point, alternative ways are shown using owner drawn controls and deriving your own CWnd based control to improve the control. This is then extended into how to write ActiveX controls. How to write DLLs is presented, winding up with how to deal with multithreading. How to write ActiveX controls and multithreading are also presented.
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