An ancient, weather-beaten but still rather handsome barbarian, scales the pitiless slopes of Mount Terror on a dark and stormy night, to finish the task that he should have completed twenty years before… and spectacularly fails in the process.

Jump forwards one thousand years and meet Drin, the half-starved, sarcastic and one hundred per cent self-centred inhabitant of a village reduced to cannibalism under the brutal rule of Ka, the Dragon Princess. He’s the hero of our story, although he doesn’t know it yet and if he did, he wouldn’t want the job anyway. His only desire is to live another day and avoid being nibbled on by his ever-hungry village mates. However, life doesn’t always go the way you plan and he finds himself thrust head first (quite literally) into a most unwelcome adventure, involving enchanted forests, savage pygmies and a group of the most dim-witted barbarians ever to grace the page.

With a supporting cast consisting of a claustrophobic-agoraphobic dwarf, a psychotic half-fairy and the world’s most faithful half-rabbit, half-dog for a companion, the only question is whether he will survive their company and if he does ever manage to get the keys to the castle, what on earth is he going to do with them?

From the author of the DATS Trilogy, ‘Drynwideon, The Sword of Destiny – Yeah Right’ is possibly the world’s first anti-fantasy novel and the book that you’ve been wanting to read all your life, apart from the fact that, until now, you never knew it existed!
March 1, 2018
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