October 24, 2016
 In the 22nd Century, John Dalton, a retired billionaire, does not want to die, so he devises an illegal scheme to live forever—a scheme that will ultimately change the social structure of mankind. Four friends become entangled in Dalton’s scheme and agree to join him on a journey into the evasive world of immortality.

The journey begins with the take-over of the only institute in the world capable of scanning and recording the memory in a human brain and continues with an attempt to download John Dalton’s memory into an illegal clone.
Although they have no idea what kind of reborn clone will be produced and what will happen if the illegal research is discovered, they continue on a long journey full of intrigue, moral conflicts, love, murder, and a host of other obstacles to find answers their questions, and many more.
In the end, Dalton and his friends are forced to decide if being reborn is worth the risk of imprisonment, or death, at the hands of fanatics, who oppose cloning of the human species.
The reader will be forever haunted by the intriguing and controversial events that could actually happen in the future
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