Alpha-Mania Adventures is an innovative five-book series that ignites imagination and gives pre-reading children the foundation to become successful readers in the future. These exciting and colorful stories are the perfect tools to teach pre-reading skills through play. Storytime at home or in the classroom becomes fun and educational. Each adventure combines the heroic quests of five intrepid kids with phonological awareness and phonics, the first two components necessary to become a good reader. The Splitter Critter and the Greedy Pirates (Book 4 of 5) practices segmenting. Segmenting involves breaking words apart into smaller parts or individual phonemes. For example, the word map can be segmented into individual sounds: /m/.../a/.../p/. The story: In this book, a mysterious ship belonging to a group of greedy pirates in search of riches has come ashore on Letter Lagoon. The Alpha-Maniacs quickly hop into action to protect their old friend Slomo the Sloth’s buried treasure. With the help of a goofy new friend, the Splitter Critter, the Alpha-Maniacs create magic by segmenting words into sounds, scaring the greedy pirates away from Letter Lagoon for good! Every Alpha-Mania Adventures book includes: - An introduction to phonological awareness and tips to use the book to its maximum benefit - An exciting story that will charm young audiences - A Find the Hidden Objects phonics activity embedded in the illustrations - Bonus Activities related to phonological awareness, phonics, and/or letter formation - Easy-to-use guides on Letter Sounds and/or Letter Formation Join the Alpha-Maniacs on their fourth of five phonological pirate adventures with The Splitter Critter and the Greedy Pirates!
September 29, 2016  |  38 pages
Average Grade: A+    (switch to numeric scale)
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