Unlucky in love pack Omega Carly Finlay is thrilled to be opening her cake shop. At least one thing in her life is going well, the less said about her love-life, the better. However, after being dragged to attend a cage fight the little Omega is momentarily elated to scent her mate, but that soon sours after she comes face to face with a horny, seven foot, cage fighting, Kodiak bear shifter. Cain Moran is overjoyed to meet his little she-wolf mate, he just wishes it could have been under better circumstances. When his skittish mate hightails it, he chases after her, determined that she will accept him as her mate. However, Cain will also have to contend with his biggest fan, groupies and his manager, who are less than thrilled at him for dropping everything for the little wolf. Can he woo his sensitive mate and prove he is the mate she deserves? Can he cope with her Omega abilities and get over the fact that the pack will always have a claim on her? Can Carly come to terms with her gruff, insensitive bear shifter mate? If are interested in hearing about new releases, please do sign up for my newsletter from my website: http://elizabethannprice.wix.com/eapr... The site includes info on previous novellas already available and those planned for the future, as well as free short stories. Please note this novella is approximately 43,500 words in length (short and sweet right!) But I must advise caution! This novella contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers. (And there’s a bit of swearing too!) Bad bear...
August 16, 2014  |  157 pages
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