July 26, 2012  |  197 pages
Bobby Booth's 40th birthday party, an alfresco celebration he has planned with some care, ends in disaster when one of his guests complains that a couple are making love on the lawn. The news is shocking enough, but made much worse when he is told that the female participant in this ill-considered frolic is his wife, Josie. 

Life gets worse the following week when Bobby loses his job as a teacher after an argument with a pupil. As one of the newly unemployed, and with his marriage disintegrating around him, he returns to the pub he used to use and consoles himself with vodka. There he finds his old friend Roland who he hasn't seen for years and their discussion centres on Bobby's poverty and what is to be done about it. 

Bobby is hoping that Roland will come up with one of his money-making ideas, but in the end it is Bobby who has a flash of inspiration - a firm devoted to selling electric cars. 

With Josie seeking a divorce, and the police threatening to prosecute him for assaulting a pupil, Bobby tires to concentrate on creating his car firm. The only consolation in his life is a reunion with his first wife Caroline who has lived alone since their divorce.
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