"Winning Back His Wife" is not the perfect love story with the perfect hero. This is not the story where the hero and heroine meet, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Caleb Seth Wilder is as flawed as the guy next door. When he succumbs to one of the most common act of betrayal by committing adultery, he finds his entire world falling apart. His wife walks out on him and practically disappears into thin air. Five years later, fate plays a cruel game with him. When he rescues a child from a wrecked car on his way home from work, he finds that the near dead driver is his estranged wife and that the child he saves is his. After Neela wakes from her accident, it is only to find that she is paralyzed from the neck down. She may be able to walk again, but it will take time and money. Money that she doesn't have, but her husband does. Caleb will help her, but accepting his help comes with a price. She has to move back home, and this means facing the past and the person responsible for her leaving. Things become a little more complicated when Caleb admits to being the father of his ex-lover's son, the same woman he cheated on Neela with. But the drama doesn't end there. Unbelievable secrets from the Wilder' past could still threaten this couple's happily ever after. Caleb will learn that winning back his wife is not as easy as he thought.
September 19, 2013  |  240 pages
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