It's not just the motion of the ocean, ladies. It's definitely the SIZE of the boat too. 
And I've got both firing on all cylinders. In fact, I have ALL the right assets. Looks, brains, my own money, and a big c*&k.
You might think I'm an a*&hole. I sound like one, don’t I? I'm hot as sin, rich as heaven, smart as hell and hung like a horse.
Guess what? You haven't heard my story before. Sure, I might be a playboy, like the NY gossip rags call me. But I’m the playboy who’s actually a great guy. Which makes me one of a kind. 
The only trouble is, my dad needs me to cool it for a bit. With conservative investors in town wanting to buy his flagship Fifth Avenue jewelry store, he needs me not only to zip it up, but to look the part of the committed guy. Fine. I can do this for Dad. After all, I’ve got him to thank for the family jewels. So I ask my best friend and business partner to be my fiancée for the next week. Charlotte’s up for it. She has her own reasons for saying yes to wearing this big rock.
And pretty soon all this playing pretend in public leads to no pretending whatsoever in the bedroom, because she just can’t fake the kind of toe-curling, window-shattering orgasmic cries she makes as I take her to new heights between the sheets.
But I can’t seem to fake that I might be feeling something real for her.
What the hell have I gotten myself into with this…big rock?


"BIG ROCK had me laughing one moment and fanning myself the next. Spencer Holiday is totally delicious and not just because he has a Big... um... well, you know." - NYT Bestselling author Sawyer Bennett

"Spencer is a perfect Alpha hero with ten tons of charm, many inches of delight and not a single ounce of ass&%le. The story moved like it was lubed. This book is the most fun I've had reading in a long time. Every page made me smile, and by the time I turned off my kindle, my husband was about to smile too." - USA Today Bestselling author CD Reiss 

"However you go about defining the perfect romantic comedy, this is it. I promise. It's hysterical. Ridiculously sexy. And oh-so-romantic. It's the needle in the haystack, a complete bookgasm. Such a FUN read and one of my favorites this year! - USA Today Bestselling author Adriana Locke

"So much fun, so much sexiness, and a male POV that's so damn cocky and hilarious you will be putty in Spencer's very capable hands. Confidently one of our first top reads of 2016." -The Rock Stars of Romance

"Hysterical. Sexy. So much fun. I lost track of the times I laughed out loud."
Jen at The Literary Gossip 

"This story was so funny, sexy and hot ! Spencer is such a good guy, ahhhh!!! He just melted my heart! - Serena at A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog

"Yup. I am in love with Spencer. That dude is perfect. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. I seriously want one of him in my life." - Kayla at In Between The Pages

"Spencer in BIG ROCK is fun, flirty and oh god, SEXY AS SIN! He will leave you drooling and licking your kindle with every single page. Spencer is and will always be my #1 BBF of all of Ms. Blakely's sexy men. Big Rock was a perfect read!” Dena at Fiction Fangirls

"My favorite Lauren Blakely book!!! It's no secret that Lauren writes some of the hottest books and the sexiest of men. This is sexy rom-com at its best!" - Candi at Dirty Laundry Review

"Not only is this book hilarious, it is so romantic and sweet. And the sexy times are off the charts!" - Straight Shootin' Book Reviews

"Big Rock is big HOT. Smoking. Smoldering. Five BIG and brilliant stars."  - Karen at Bookalicious Babes Blog

"Spencer was hilarious and completely out of control with his thoughts!" - My Girlfriend's Couch 
January 6, 2016  |  244 pages
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