July 26, 2011
Sheltered Johann found out the lies that her mother spun to keep her father away from her. Betrayed, she ran away to a city where she has nothing and knows no one. She hoped that her fiance will help her find her father. But he too has secrets of his own and worse, he can no longer honor his proposal. Her only option: Go back home to Mommy and she's not ready to do that yet. Heir Julian wants to make her grandmother happy more than he wanted her money. But her last wish: to see him married by her 60th birthday. He is prepared to take home a bride, even if the marriage was just a sham. But what sane woman will agree to his terms without taking advantage of his position Together, Johann and Julian went to Vegas to seal their partnership. She's going be the wife he needs to show to his grandmother, and he will provide her with the means to stay until she finds her father. But in the middle of the sham, will they realize that they need each other more desperately than they think they do
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