The captivating and sensual story of a woman who defies convention to make a new life—only to have her past catch up with her

Orphaned by the death of her parents in a plane crash, Hebe bridles under the yoke of her strict grandparents. But when she returns from an Italian holiday pregnant—and overhears her family making plans for her abortion—she runs away. At nineteen, making her way alone in the world, all she has are her wits and her unswerving love for her unborn child.

Fast forward twelve years. Hebe shuttles between jobs in order to pay for expensive schooling for her son, Silas. She juggles her various lovers . . . until the different parts of her life collide. As her past hurtles into her present, Hebe races toward a final showdown with a man who’s been searching for his lost love.

“Mary Wesley goes from strength to strength . . . she has a great zest for life. . . . The book is tremendously lively, funny, touching, spirited.” —Good Housekeeping

“Entertaining . . . First published at 70, the author achieves comic turns and lively pacing that belie her age.” —Library Journal

Mary Wesley (1912–2002) was an English novelist. After she published her first novel at age seventy, her books sold more than three million copies, many of them becoming bestsellers. Her beloved books include Jumping the Queue, The Camomile Lawn, Harnessing Peacocks, The Vacillations of Poppy Carew, Not That Sort of Girl, Second Fiddle, A Sensible Life, A Dubious Legacy, An Imaginative Experience, and Part of the Furniture, as well as a memoir, Part of the Scenery.
November 12, 2013  |  688 pages
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