Destiny Sojourns is a senior in High School who has lived on the run for most of her life. Skipping from town to town and being the “new kid” was a normal part of life. She lived looking behind her for enemies that hunt her, until she decided to become comfortable and settle with her mother into a small NH town.

Destiny is part of a unique group of people called Numbers and with Destiny’s Number soon to appear her enemies will now be able to find her. If that wasn’t enough her mom has also confessed that she is the one destined to save the numbers from their enemies, and she thought the hardest thing this year would be telling her mom she didn’t want to go to college.

Chris Pistos is a High School drop out, who after the death of his parents lived moving from place to place to remain unseen. Until the call to fix clocks like his father came became to strong and he decided to take a job at a clock shop. He lived a quiet life until he met Destiny Sojourns. He wants to believe there is still hope for a normal life even with his parents gone

When the two first meet there’s an instant connection, but it has to be put aside for more pressing matters; like saving the world. They’ll have to run, hide, and fight to save each other from the lurking grip of the Necromores. All this while searching for the key to their salvation: The Sacred Garden. Can they find the Sacred Garden before the Necromores find them or will it be to late?

This debut novel by a talented new novelist changes the rules and will keep you up reading all night. Don’t miss this one.
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October 31, 2014  |  199 pages
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