August 19, 2013  |  92 pages
What People Are Saying about Lover, Unwrap Me

“In this great little book Jerilee expresses her love without inhibition. One refreshing poem after another. One can’t help but think she has mastered the art of poetry in a Ruminesque way. This book is here to remind ourselves to express love to the ones we LOVE. Let yourself be unwrapped, loved, and taken away by her beautiful, heartfelt words.”
—Anja Middelveld, LAc, Healing Path Holistic Medicine Clinic, LLC, Milwaukie, Oregon

“Stunningly beautiful, touching, relevant, soulful, emotional, loving, sweet, endearing … gosh I can’t say enough about this treasure of a little book!! Love its sweet size. The poems that are so brief yet so touching. I see it as a lovely book one could have on a side table in a living room as well as on a bedside table—where one could pick it up at any moment and read one or two poems or leaf through it reading many. One could easily enjoy just a whisper of an emotion with one poem or get completely engrossed in it with all its lovely emotions projected in many samplings. And what a lovely gift it will make—for a lover or for a dear friend! Appealing to so many!
—Kathleen Pozzi, Portland, Oregon

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