April 21, 2014  |  404 pages
Across Tierra, the eleven Círculo de la Torres now had absolute control over the entire continent, via the Brom Compact. Some of the children of Felix Brom play a role in this tale. The towers and Compact has brought peace for these thirty years, but they have also created powerful new weapons. The Círculo de mentes has evolved. Nine members funnel their power into a tenth, who then uses the combined power of all ten to carry out his work, while an eleventh person monitors their ten bodies. Running upwards of four Circles per each of the eleven towers, immense strides have been made during the past thirty years. Many inventions hold potential, such as air cars emulating the aliens shuttles but powered by mentales.

However, in 1130, a new alien arrives to take over the governorship of the space port. Governor Lech Kuba discovers some of the secrets of this world, namely their abundance of telepaths. In the galaxy, true telepaths are invaluable and thus he allows a black market traders to “confiscate” some of these priceless telepaths, kidnaping them, taking them to other worlds within the Imperium, and selling them to the highest bidders. Lech’s wife, Karolina, a Galactic Meteorologist, has other ideas, for she is keenly interested in the anomalous weather on Tierra. Just how can all these major storms completely violate all known meteorological laws in the paths they follow? She was determined to find out why the law of her science did not apply to major weather patterns on this world.

Having discovered the secrets of this world in the former governor’s files, Lech sends out covert spies to find out more about this world and its telepaths. Highly illegal and in direct violation of the Closed World status and the binding legal documents, Lech forges ahead. Ania’s last document asked: Will an unlimited weapon truly lead to universal peace? For thirty years, it seemed these Círculo de la Torres had achieved peace.

Lech sent out spies to learn more. He sent Jarek to Valen Castle. However, the Valen leader turned the situation around and married his daughter, Carmen, to Jarek, ensuring a strong, but illegal, bond between the aliens and Valen. His goal: conquer the rest of Tierra. After all, Valen ought to control at least all of the Westerlings, just as Adelmira Tower controlled all of the Easterlings. His daughter Carmen, had other ideas and joined with Lech’s wife, Karolina, to open a small business supplying only the finest in apparel, Elegant Fashions Inc, a company that would thereafter play an enormous role on Tierra.

Unknown to most, over the years, some telepaths were kidnaped, taken off-world, and sold into slavery. And as the ruler of Valen Tower forms illegal and secretive alliances with the aliens, the other towers react. Most towers detest the land divisions Felix Brom forced on them and now with the aid of their newly invented magical fires, toxic chlorine gas, and stone eating acid, towers wage war on their neighboring towers. As always, the soldiers and villagers suffer the horrific damage these new weapons unleash.

Ever seeking advantages, Valen Tower discovers some giant crystals, six of which for a network whose power output is three times all their combined circles! Further, to help protect the alien leader and to further Valen’s power, a new Circle and castle was built close to the space port. At last, Valen Tower launches its war to conquer the other towers, unleashing massive destruction, destroying completely two other towers in the Westerlings, before turning towards the many towers in the Midlands, where they spread out more deadly destruction of towers, lands, and people. The remaining towers fight back, but Valen then gets its hands on two nuclear bombs!

Unknown to all parties, two telepaths who were kidnaped and taken off-world as telepath slaves rebelled and found a way to return. Now immensely powerful leaders of the Imperium underworld, they aim to put a stop to the enormous carnage
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