Daisy Kutter is a retired bank robber and legendary gunfighter who has decided to open a dry goods store in the small town of Middleton. The sheriff, her ex-boyfriend Tom McKay, tries to recruit her to join him on the other side of the law, but she isn't quite ready to move on. When Daisy loses everything she owns in a high-stakes poker tournament, she is offered a job from the stranger who cleans her out at the table. He wants to hire her to rob his train. What's the catch? He believes his vaunted robotic security system will stop Daisy in her tracks, and he wants to prove it. If she succeeds in robbing the train, she can keep the gold and have her life back... From Booklist Daisy Kutter's bandit days are behind her. She and partner Tom have gone legit, and now she is a respectable small-town citizen, owner of the local general store--and bored out of her mind. Frustration with the tedium of normal life and her own discontents gets her into trouble after she loses the store in a poker game. Mr. Winters, the security mogul who won it, offers a proposition she can't refuse: to test the new security robots on his train. He is willing to pay. In a fit of recklessness, Daisy takes the job. Kibuishi's art and storytelling in his Wild West confection convey a sense that Daisy's world isn't created as much as spontaneously unfolding as you read. His art is a hybrid of the best aspects of both manga and American animation yet is more unique than that suggests. It expresses Daisy's restrained frustration and Tom's aw-shucks likability and also the wide-open space of the Wild West. Tina Coleman Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved
192 pages
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