The US answer to Harry Potter, suitable for all ages from young adult to upward.

This is the first novel in the Lindsey Barron series. Set in our future, now twelve years old, Lindsey discovers that she has been given a full scholarship to Bradbury's School of Magic, somewhere near Telluride, Colorado. Her father, though she did not know it, was a famous wizard, primarily responsible for capturing the incredibly evil wizard known as Dominus Malefic, some fifteen years ago. He, however, died in an accident when she was only five.

Living in a tiny town called Plano, she and her rancher mother, Lena, squeaked out a bare existence. Now, she discovered that the strange things she has been doing for years is actually magical spells. So off to school she goes.

A hundred years ago, wizards and witches finally came out, openly working their spells, accepted by those who have no such skills. Until Dominus came along, all was peaceful. Around the country, magic schools were established, where the students go to learn both their traditional subjects and also magic.

When they graduate, they have a high school diploma as well as mastery of much magic. At the school, the big extra activities are track and soccer. Lindsey joins both teams.

The head of the school, Governor Alister Broadwell, has hidden an ancient magical relic on the school grounds, because the imprisoned wizard, Dominus, has escaped and he also freed his henchmen, called Death Stalkers. Dominus greatly desires this ancient rod, for with it, he can control and dominate the entire world.

As Lindsey makes many new friends, she also gets captured by Dominus. Disguised as Lindsey, Dominus steals the rod. Now Lindsey must get free and also retrieve the rod.
December 3, 2013  |  375 pages
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