January 28, 2013  |  73 pages
In this extreme Femdom novelette of forced bisexuality, public humiliation and romantic and emotional masochism, a Dominant's slave falls in love with Her...and the cruel Mistress decides to use that to make him do something he never thought he'd do...just for her.

Twenty-three years old and gorgeous, the sadistic Mistress Marilyn just got dumped by her boyfriend. She needs someone to take out her bitterness on...and Brett's her most receptive slave. She decides to live her most taboo fantasy with this forty-something slave, who's been undergoing regular "feminization training" at Marilyn's dungeon for more than a year.

Brett, or "Britta" as she likes to call him, may be one of Marilyn's most reliable sources of income -- but he's also falling in love with her. A truly cruel emotional sadist like Marilyn can't resist using Brett to sate her anger at her ex-boyfriend...in a way that will change Brett forever.

Ordering Brett to pick her up at midnight for a "field trip," Marilyn directs her slave to the freeway and out of the city -- to a rest stop notorious as a gay public sex spot.

Knowing what his Mistress expects, Brett knows he can beg for mercy...but he can't say no. He never says no to his Mistress. Not even when she orders him into a filthy men's room to service cock for her pleasure. Not even when it's a stranger's cock...or even several of them. Brett never says no to his Mistress.

Before Marilyn's "game" is over, Brett will find himself stuffed from both ends. He'll obey her command to suck and fuck whatever comes through that hole. In the end, he'll get a bitter, creamy reward for his troubles... and a confession by Mistress Marilyn that she does want to change their relationship after all. But will it be in the way Brett hoped, or Brett's cruel younger Mistress break his heart...?

This 12,440 word story is a must for fans of forced femme and forced bi action. Breaking with the traditions of the genre, it brings real characters to life with vivid prose that's as filthy as it is engaging.

Contains: Forced feminization, forced bisexuality, female dominant, male submissive, oral sex, anal sex, public sex, erotic humiliation, dominance and submission, relationship dynamics, emotional sadism and romantic masochism.

"Glory Hole Dominatrix" is an extreme and explicit erotic story of emotional Feminine Domination, public humiliation, forced bisexuality, sexual submission, forced feminization, anonymous sex and romantic sadism and emotional masochism. It contains explicit descriptions of four-way sex between men as well as sexual contact between men and a woman. Do not read it if you find such depictions offensive.
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