February 8, 2013  |  208 pages
FORCED TO GO BI! If you love reluctant straight men serving cock for a woman's pleasure, you're about to get the hardest -- and creamiest -- ride in the history of erotic literature. Under the unflinching command of a Dominant Woman, these horny but reluctant submissives are ordered to surrender to cock! Commanded to drop to their knees, they accept their duty to worship dick and sate unsavory male lusts. You'll find bi-curious boyfriends collared and forced to their knees...eager-to-please male clients taken on "field trips" by their pay-for-play Dommes...femmed hubbies who don't know how far their wives plan to take their new "feminine role"...even a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian whose Dominant Mistress decides its time she learns to play with the big boys at a certain naughty street fair. From Femdom gangbangs in gay bars to nasty three-way encounters at roadside rest stops, these stories explore the dirtiest fantasies of men who just can't resist the inexorable demands of their Dominant Mistress...even when she orders them to open wide...bend over...and take it like a man!

"Forced Bi Her" is a Femdom anthology of extreme female domination, forced bisexuality, forced feminization and more. It includes male-on-male, male-on-female, female-on-male and female-on-female sex as well as threesomes, gangbangs, orgies, group sex, public sex, forced exhibitionism and many other sexual variations. Do not read it if you find such themes offensive or objectionable.
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