July 28, 2011  |  228 pages
Brenda Ronson was a young woman with a brain tumor that was going to kill her in about a month or two. When asked what she would do if she had the chance before she died, she said she wanted to spend some time on a horse that did more than just walk down a bare trail that a thousand people had ridden before.

Bob Newman was a man who came perilously close to losing the will to live when he lost his wife and son to an avalanche. But Bob owned a guest ranch, where Brenda Ronson might be able to live out her last wish. Against his better judgment, he took the girl on what was supposed to be a three day trail ride, where he could give her what she wanted before she died.

What happened was much more than a three day trail ride in the mountain wilderness on Bob's ranch. Brenda's lust for what life remained to her was fueled by something so simple that millions of women riding horseback have experienced it. And as the days went by, and Bob treated her like a young woman, instead of a cancer patient, those feelings led to another last wish ... the wish to become a woman before she died.

Bob resisted, for all the right ... and wrong reasons.

But Brenda Ronson was not the kind of girl who gave up easily, and by the time she returned to her parents, she was a new woman ... in more ways than one.

When all was said and done, Brenda Ronson's last wish turned out to be a new beginning.

For both her ... and Bob Newman.

Notice: This book deals with adult situations and is not appropriate for those under the age of eighteen.
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