April 11, 2013  |  79 pages
Teenagers make mistakes. But when my niece got pregnant, my brother forgot all the mistakes he made when he was a teenager, and kicked her out. It had something to do with his religion. And while I wasn't religious at all, I couldn't take seeing her living like she was living after her boyfriend ran out on her. So I took her in. But she had a problem, one she wouldn't talk about, but which left her crying and unhappy.

Eventually she confessed that feeding her baby resulted in erotic feelings, and she thought she was a pervert. I insisted that nipples had several purposes, and that the nipple couldn't tell the difference between a baby and a lover.

She didn't believe me, so I proved it to her after the baby was full.

I admit part of that was because I'd had a few fantasies about her as she was growing up.

But who would have thought my niece had been in love with me since she was a girl?

Nothing is ever what it appears on the surface, though, and things we don't know can make all the difference in the world. Especially to a man, in love with a woman he's not supposed to be in love with.
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