October 25, 2011  |  84 pages
Volume two of Lubrican's short stories contains four more "stroke" stories from the early days of his writing.

The first, titled The Cheerleader Blues, details the troubles of a young college cheerleader who loses a bet with her prime rival in the popularity game. She has to go on a date with the geek who works in the cafeteria, and bring back a pair of his semen-stained underwear. What she hadn't planned on was that the "geek" understands women almost better than they do themselves. She also hadn't planned on being taken to Nirvana, physically. Her world, including her attitude, are rocked to the very core of her being.

The next story is As the Wind Blows, and is about two best friends who grow up together and spend a lot of their time in a treehouse at the top of a big Sycamore. Originally they spend that time reading, as the wind makes the treehouse sway. But when they grow up, they discover that that swaying action is good for a lot more than just some cheap thrills. The treehouse that made a lot of memories may end up being responsible for making something else too - like a baby!

In story number three, Getting Into The Scene, two freshmen try out for parts in the college musical. They get the part, and are cautioned that, since the love scene in the script is very important, they need to get to know each other well enough that they can convince an audience that something is taking place under a blanket that isn't really taking place. Their extended practice takes them to a place where what isn't supposed to be happening under that blanket is extremely convincing.

Batting cleanup in this volume is Mr. Wilson's Lessons. Bob has watched the neighbor girl grow up from birth. When she becomes curious about sex, he does what he thinks is the best thing for her - takes her home and tells her mother what she's asked for. He wasn't counting on her mother wanting that too, and he SURE wasn't counting on Mom helping educate her daughter.

Warning: This book details adult sexual behavior and is not appropriate for those under the age of eighteen.
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