July 28, 2011  |  405 pages
Bureaucratic screwups happen all the time, right? Now, imagine that nine teachers - sexual education teachers, to be specific - are involved in a bureaucratic screwup in which they are sent not to a continuing education seminar on the teaching of sexual education, but to a seminar on developing better sexual relationships. Come to think of it, why would that be considered a screwup? After all, the best sexual education one can have is in how to have sexual relationships that are intentional, worthwhile, and emotionally healthy. What could be better for teachers trying to usher young people into the complicated world of complex relationships? Oh. Did I mention they didn't arrive at this seminar in the company of their significant others? Hmmm. And did I make it clear that abstinence had utterly no part in the syllabus of this conference? Come along for a highly erotic romp with ordinary people placed in an extraordinary setting, where the only thing they're being graded on is being honest about what they are feeling.

Warning: This is a book written for adults, about adult things. The sex scenes in this story were not glossed over, and are not suitable for those under the age of eighteen.
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