April 20, 2011  |  273 pages
Jennifer Brazelton had a hard childhood. She had a debilitating stutter, and it set her apart in every situation save one. Her father had been in the navy and served on a SEAL team with the man who was still his best friend, and who treated Jennifer as if there was nothing wrong with her whatsoever. She adored the wild man, who had his own custom motorcycle shop. And when disaster struck, in the form of an auto accident that put both her parents in intensive care, several states away, Jennifer turned to her "Uncle" Bob for help.

He showed up on a motorcycle, of course. The wrong motorcycle. At least he was convinced it was the wrong bike, because it was known as "The Babe Bike" and it was specially designed to get a woman's motor running. Now, with his best friend's little girl on the back, he was trying to stave off another disaster, as a whole new world of pleasure and emotion was opened up for sheltered, little Jennifer.

It was a trip of discovery for them both as he took her to her parents, and the bond they had shared for as long as she could remember deepened and intensified until she realized she had fallen in love for the first time in her life.

But Bob was old enough to be her father, and when he realized what was happening ... both to his best friend's daughter and himself ... he knew he had to do someting to stop it. And he was an ex SEAL, after all ... a dangerous, capable man, able to adapt, improvise and overcome all obstacles. He'd taken on terrorists and armed insurgents before.

But he'd never gone up against an eighteen-year-old stuttering virgin.

He never had a chance.
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