April 24, 2011  |  305 pages
Being an orphan in the late ninteen-thirties and early forties in America was no picnic. If you were a teenaged boy, who stood up for himself to the staff in such places, things could actually get dangerous. Bobby was such a boy, and had been sentenced to the punishment of being sent to the worst of the worst in the institutional orphanage system. But a glitch in the paperwork landed him in the wrong place ... a place full of love and concern for his welfare. Now a boy who had survived for years on guile and cunning, found himself among the kind of people he wasn't used to dealing with. What had been a small lie to help him survive, led to changes in his life that showed him a completely different kind of world than he'd ever seen before. It changed not only his life, but the lives of the five women who ran the orphanage he ended up in. Those women, suffering from the ravages of both the Great Depression and the shortages and rationing during World War II, had little to look forward to each day ... until Bobby showed up in their midst.

Love and romance have been written of many times, but this romance involves a time in America where men were in short supply and a woman might grasp at what happiness she could snatch from the jaws of fate. Add to that mix a boy who had never been taught the rules and procedures of how to interact with women in polite society ... a boy whose records of birth had been lost, and who was much older than his small frame might suggest ... and you have a recipe for the kind of disaster that ... oddly ... has the capacity to end up making everyone happy. That's how different this romance was.

Warning: This is a story about adult relationships, including the physical aspects of romantic relationships. Love scenes that many authors choose to gloss over are described here in detail, and are not appropriate for those under the age of eighteen. This book is about romance, including the sexual interaction that comes naturally to that condition.
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